Acacia Honey.

Premo from London Acacia Honey


Acacia Honey
A pale runny honey, with a mild, tangy, fruity taste. The Acacia blossom provide copious quantities of nectar, and allows the bees to produce large quantities of this honey during the flowering season. It is therefore an ideal honey to pair with cheeses, yoghurt and fruits and as it crystallizes very little, is an ideal drizzling honey for cereals, ice cream or making glazes for meats.


Linden Tree Honey.

Premo from London Linden Tree Honey

Linden Tree Honey
Also known as the Small Leaf Lime in Europe, this soft, clear honey comes from the heavily nectar laden trees that often line boulevards and fill the air with a sweet aroma for many weeks. The taste is floral with a citrus, slightly sharp edge and is an ideal honey to sweeten herbal teas.

Mint Honey.

Premo from London Mint Honey

Mint Honey
From the Mentha Pulegium, a tiny mint plant found in the Transylvanian region. This is a smooth, creamy honey, with an aromatic mint aroma, and tangy, slightly tingly cool taste. Part of the lavender and rosemary family, the rich oils provide a honey with a depth of flavour to boost mint tea, add a mint flavour to lemon tea and for adding to water icing on cakes and buns, and accompanying chocolate toppings.

Mountain Fir Honey.

Premo from London Mountain Fir Honey

Mountain Fir Honey
This dark, thick and rather heady honey has a rich, woody, resinous aroma. The taste is tangy, raisin, almost caramel marmalade. Collected from honeydew in the pines, this honey is a rare treat. Use to create meat glazes, add to sauces for red meats, or use on fruit and tea loaves. A good accompaniment to marmalade at breakfast time, where nectar honey’s can be a little too sweet. Try on grapefruit to balance the sharpness.

Rapeseed Honey.

Premo from London Rapeseed Honey

Rapeseed Honey
A sweet pale creamy honey. The rapeseed is part of the mustard family and this honey, mixed with a good apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard, makes an excellent dressing for salads and dips. This honey can also be used for coating nuts and seeds, granola and oat bars, its peppery after-taste balancing its sweetness.