About Me

Hi I am Premo

Hello I’m Premo,
Find a cosy spot, your favourite chair, favourite pile of cushions or window seat, and take a tray full of cookies topped with honey icing, or hot buttered crumpets oozing with honey if you’ve just woken up, a large mug of steaming tea – black or herbal and relax. Heres me in my favourite chair enjoying a mug of tea. I have a busy day ahead, looking for honey which I source from artisan bee-keepers and hand picked floral teas.

Our honeys are raw, unheated and full of all the good stuff. Our floral teas are hand picked and chopped roughly to keep the flowers intact.
Follow my blog as it would be nice to hear about your favourite honey recipes and your ideas to help bees and preserve the habitat they need. In my London garden in Bayswater I have apple trees that the bees love in spring and ivy that grows on the walls where the little bees pop out to feed on in the winter months.
You can find me on Twitter and my honey and tea for sale on my website at www.premofromlondon.com


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