All about the honey – Paper-Li

There are many articles on the web about the plight of bees, problematic issues around pesticides, mass pollination and bee-keeping methods.  One way I keep in touch with some of the issues is via Paper-Li, where a chosen selection of sites I have linked to my paper for ease of access.  Paper-Li is not a quick substitute for reading around the subject of bees and honey, but it does provide a link to sites I want to access on the go.  It does have its limitations, for example I cannot seem to find an archive, so its really read on the day its published.  But I hope you find the articles interesting and follow a few of the sites I have linked to.  To read more, the link is below.  I want to add some more European links in the future as the USA with its huge expanses of food production, dominate the news.  Hopefully I can find a balance.


Premo from London -my favourite bear




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