The taste of the forest

Honeydew Honey is a rich flavoured honey, that comes from the secretions of sap sucking aphids on tree bark. It sounds quite an odd way of collecting honey, but the bees adore its sweetness and it produces a very dark, tangy, almost marmalade like honey.  The flavour is resin, balsam, caramel, malt. Pine, oak, chestnut, lime, willow and beech are just a few of the flavours you will find.  Not easy to buy in the London market, main supply in Europe is Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and along the Mediterranean.

The chestnut also produces flower blooms from June, before the catkins are formed, and from these bees will draw nectar and produce a strongly chestnut flavoured honey.  A prized honey, it can be very heady, as many of the honeydew honey’s can be.  Theses  woody honeys are either a honey you love or dislike and the flavour is strong and goes especially well with savoury food, or where you want to have a slightly more bitter flavour than blossom honey, for example on figs, or strong rye and nut breads. They work very well with cheeses, with the earthy flavours blending well with both soft and hard cheeses.

Premo From London Fir Honey


Premo from London Mountain Fir Honey flatbreads

For more information, I recommend The Honey Traveler website, honey enthusiasts heaven!



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