Judi and Premo

Premo from London with Judi

Well here we are in about 1973, me and Judi sitting on very parched grass leading up to those very hot summers in 1976. Our lawn used to be full of clover and bumble bees.  So many bumblebees that you had to care where you ran or you could get stung.  I came to live with Judi back in 1967 after working in a shop in London selling tea and other food products in the East End.  Wrapped in brown paper, in a basket on the back, her grandfather, who looked after the shop, bought me home to stay.  At first I lived in Bayswater, just across from Hyde Park and then set off on my travels to find honey and tea as far as the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe.

After many years and a little bit older and worn about the edges, Judi and I have got back together to start a business bringing artisan raw honey to London and floral teas.  Eventually we want to showcase small beekeepers produce and honey that has the unique flavours of the areas they come from.  Based in London, we set up this blog to explore what we love about bees, honey and tea and for you to follow us as we develop the business.

I really should have thrown that old t-shirt away by now, but somehow its good to curl up in a chair and relax in your favourite clothes sometimes.  Judi doesn’t have her t-shirt anymore – its probably too small now.  But I just didn’t grow very much – except my nose! ♥



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