Bees in the artists eye

I have always loved art, craft, textiles and the capturing of nature in media.  Today I wanted to show some artists work that I really love and hugely admire.  I admire their work because it is skilled, of beauty and honed from many years of hard work.  Here they are with bees, obviously, as the subject.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Claire Moynihan  – 3D embroidery known as stump work, little intricately detailed insects on tiny bug balls. I just want to have one of these on my desk.  Claire mounts them into entomology displays – far better than sticking pins into the real thing.

stump work embrodered bee ball

Mister Finch – Fantasy, fable and fabulous forest creatures, insects and flora made from scraps of fabrics with humour.  These wonderful little creatures remind me of folklore stories and fairies – just lovely. I am off to the bottom of the garden to talk to the bees!

Mr Finch's bees

Eleanor Rose – Lace, wire and embroidery combined sometimes with illustration.  I love the simplicity, evoking the delicate structure of our flying friends.  I also love the contrast of the fabric bodies to the wire work wings – the soft against the skeletal.

eleanor Rose Textiles bee

Elsa Moro – Sculptured paper, a difficult medium to work with and a play on texture and shadow to create dimension.  These remind me of the structures bees, wasps and other insects make from wood pulp and other natural matter to create their hives and nests.

Elsa Moro paper bee

Lisa Toppin – Working on printed fabrics, she embroiders in detail little bees and other insects to add a three dimension.  I love the sets of bee brooches like little bees have just landed on a button!

Agnes and Cora bee brooches

Kate Osborne – Soft, delicate washes build into these lovely studies of bees and wildlife.  I used to paint, but found it a hard craft with little forgiveness if you got a brushstroke wrong.  Too much fiddling and it turns muddy, as my art tutor used to say.  I turned to photography and still have a tinge of envy for anyone who can master the watercolour.

Kate Osborne watercolour bees

I hope you enjoyed a buzz around these artists websites. It was an enjoyable post to write. ♥


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