Bee wonderful

These great little guys are out pollinating and sometimes collecting honey too.  As diverse as the flowers, they are driven to complete the task at hand, many hours, many flights, many flower heads, tireless and short lived – but we love them.  Plant flowers that help the bees and other pollinators, and make sure you have flowers and herbs that flower throughout the winter season too – this helps feed and sustain the bees and stops them starving. Site your hives somewhere draft free and try not to move, as this disturbs the bees ability to navigate back.  Keep your bees hives clean, pest free, dry and with plenty of winter flowers and some honey on reserve and you have happy companions in your garden.

Its very rewarding to capture them on camera too, as they move continuously and are often heads down, bottoms up in the flower heads. I have yet to identify these three, but couldn’t resist giving them a moment of fame. ♥


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