More Than Honey – the inside story

More Than Honey

Back in 2013 we watched a memorizing, poignant and at some times shocking documentary about the declining populations of bees in our world. A quick reminder here of this film – MORE THAN HONEY.  So worth watching for the cinematography and unknown to most of us – the journeys man forces upon the bees to pollenate our crops.  Man has created a demand for bees and they now depend on us as much as we depend on them.  The Friends Of The Earth are currently asking for uploads onto their website of how we are all helping the bees in our own small ways.  Living in London it is almost a double edged sword.  We are encouraged to keep bees to make people aware of this fantastic insect and what it contributes in our food manufacturing industries – that of pollenating our planet along with many other pollinator’s, but as happens so often the bees have limited food and struggle to survive.  Hence why we need to keep the momentum going in planting wild flowers, hedgerows, ivy, and minimizing the impact of farming on field margins.  In France recently, we notice extensive planting along motorway margins of wild flowers, as opposed to be left as here in the UK, to accommodate weeds and sadly litter thrown from cars.

Watch the film, feel inspired, a little guilty too sometimes, and do something to help the bees and other pollinators. ♥




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