Romanian bees and a travelling photographer

Our aim is to source artisan honey from many countries, but initially we started with Transylvania in Romania.  The Carpathian mountains here produce a wealth of produce and the meadows thrive for the many bee-keepers here to source many varieties of honey.  The honey we select comes from local bee-keepers who use the brightly coloured hives that can be transported from area to area and over-wintered under the many apple orchards that abound here.  We visited back in February and again in August and took a few photos.

Premo From London Romanian Bee Hives 2

Premo From London Romanian Bee Hives

Premo From London Romanian Bees Hives 3



However to get a real feel for the Romanian honey, have a look at this website by Eric Tourenet,, a freelance photographer exploring the world of bees.  His photography is excellent and he documents in a photo journal style – capturing the characters of the bee-keepers and the environments they work in – from the fields to the high rise hives in New York and Paris.

The Honey Gatherer





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