Honey pairings.

Honey pairings

Soups – Use dark honeys in soups like tomato, squash, sweet potato, parsnip and pumpkin. Ideally forest derived honeys like pine or chestnut. The earthy flavours complimented by the tangy sweetness.

Cheeses and fruit – To drizzle on cheeses like brie, on figs, grapes and fruits – fruity, runny, mild honeys like acacia, orange or apple blossom. The soft fruity sweetness balances the slight tart of the fruits or the richness of the cheese.

Fish and white meats – Herb honeys, like rosemary or thyme compliment fish, scallops and chicken, their aromatic oils ideal to bring out the mild flavours. Citrus honeys too, like sunflower and linden tree work well.

Savouries – Savoury starters that need a hint of sweet caramelised flavour, like goats cheese and caramelised shallot tarts, bacon, spinach and cheese filo parcels, can look to clear sweet wildflower honeys, linden tree, and acacia.

Baking – Floral honeys like heather, acacia, apple blossom add to baked and poached fruits like baked apples with cinnamon , granola, and banana and walnut oat bars. They add a sweet and sticky finish to these deserts and tea time treats. Use for baking to give a moist texture or sweet glaze.

Meats and game – Red meats, pork, venison, boar, pheasant need robust sauces and glazes. A sweet honey like acacia or wild flower will be sweet enough to hold their flavour, but a stronger honey, pine or chestnut will provide a richer caramel flavour, especially where cloves, shallots and garlic maybe in the recipe.

Herbal teas – To keep the delicate flavour of the tea, mint or citrus honeys are best. Add a slice of lemon, ginger or a cinnamon stick. Add honey to meads, ciders and punches for winter treats.

Dressings – Vinegars, mustard sauces, oil dressings gain a balance of flavours by the addition of a little peppery honey like rapeseed, although any light, runny honeys will work as well. ♥


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